Eccentricity effect on the cyclic response of braced frame type-V


  • Lilya Susanti Brawijaya University
  • Ming Narto Wijaya Brawijaya University



Cyclic load, Eccentric Braced Frame (EBF), Lateral load, Strain, Stress


Eccentricity on the braced frames can sometimes not be avoided to facilitate some structural considerations, such as openings. V-type braced frames are among the most widely used bracing types because of their satisfying performance. The present study investigated the effect of eccentricity as 15 cm, and 25 cm on the reinforced concrete braced frames of 80 cm x 100 cm in dimension compared to V-type of Concentric Braced Frame (CBF). Results indicated that a frame with 15 cm of eccentricity has almost similar stress but higher strain compared to the CBF while the frame with 25 cm of eccentricity resulted in lowest stress but highest strain. As the eccentricity rises, a frame is likely to behave as a moment-resisting frame. Link beams are the most critical part of the Eccentric Braced Frame.

Author Biography

Lilya Susanti, Brawijaya University

Departemen Teknik Sipil Fakultas Teknik Sipil, Universitas Brawijaya


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Lilya Susanti and M. N. Wijaya, “Eccentricity effect on the cyclic response of braced frame type-V ”, CIVENSE, vol. 5, no. 1, pp. 89–95, Apr. 2022.